Christmas Sale

We're wishing you a happy Christmas with a sale on all our titles. Here are some examples, but have a browse through our entire catalogue; you'll find discounts everywhere! There is no postage to pay on these prices.

Archaeology in HertfordshireKris Lockyear (ed)£14 £20
Assembling EnclosureRonan O'Donnell£11 £14.99
Bread and Ale for the BrethrenPhilip Slavin£14 £18.99
Cambridge and its Economic RegionJohn S Lee£15 £35
A Caring CountySteven King & Gillian Gear (eds)£12.50 £16.99
Children of the Labouring PoorEileen Wallace£11 £14.99
Cinemas of HertfordshireAllen Eyles & Keith Skone£6 £9.99
The County Community in 17th Century England and WalesJacqueline Eales & Andrew Hopper (eds)£11 £14.99
Custom and Commercialisation in English Rural SocietyJames P Bowen & A.T. Brown (eds)£13.30 £18.99
Farmers, Consumers, InnovatorsRichard Jones & Christopher Dyer (eds)£12 £16.99
The Fighting Essex SoldierChris Thornton, Jennifer Ward & Neil Wiffen (eds)£15 £18.99
From the Deer to the FoxMandy de Belin£11 £14.99
From Hellgill to Bridge EndMargaret E Shepherd£12 £18.95
Gardens and Green Spaces in the West MidlandsMalcolm Dick & Elaine Mitchell (eds)£12 £16.99
Hertfordshire: A landscape historyAnne Rowe & Tom Williamson£13.50 £18.99
Hertfordshire Garden History - Volume 2Deborah Spring (ed)£14 £16.99
An Historical Atlas of HertfordshireDavid Short (ed)£20 £25
Humphry Repton in HertfordshireTom Williamson & Sue Flood (eds)£20 £25
Land and FamilyJohn Mullan & Richard Britnell£13.50 £18.99
Life and Death of the Wicked Lady SkeltonMagdalen King-Hall (introduction by Rowland Hughes)£6 £8.99
Lilian BaylisElizabeth Schafer£7 £12.99
A Lost Frontier Revealed

Alan Fox

£13.50 £18.99
Magic in TheoryPeter Lamont & Richard Wiseman£6 £8.99
New Directions in Local History Since HoskinsChris Dyer, Andrew Hopper, Evelyn Lord, Nigel Tringham (eds)£12 £16.99
The Origins of HertfordshireTom Williamson£10 £16.99
Out of the Hay and Into the HopsCelia Cordle£13.50 £18.99
Parks in Hertfordshire since 1500Hugh Prince£12 £18.99
The Peaceful PathStephen V Ward£12 £16.99
A Place in the CountryJudith Pettigrew, Rory Reynolds & Sandra Rouse£9 £12.99
A Pleasing ProspectShani D'Cruze£13.50 £18.99
Poor Relief and Community in Hadleigh, SuffolkMarjorie Keniston McIntosh£12 £18.99
A Prospering SocietyJohn Hare£13.50 £35
Prostitution in Victorian ColchesterJane Pearson & Maria Rayner£13.50 £18.99
St Albans: Life on the Home Front, 1914-1918Jonathan Mein, Anne Wares & Sue Mann (eds)£13.50 £18.99
St Albans 1650-1700J.T. Smith & M.A. North (eds)£11 £16
Thorps in a Changing LandscapePaul Cullen, Richard Jones, David N Parsons£11 £14.99
Tracing your Family History in HertfordshireHALS£5 £9.99
Trees in EnglandTom Williamson, Gerry Barnes & Toby Pillatt£12 £16.99
Under Fire: Essex and the Second World WarPaul Rusiecki£13 £18.99
A Very Dangerous LocalityRob Liddiard & David Sims£16 £18.99
Wearmouth and JarrowSam Turner, Sarah Semple & Alex Turner£14 £20
Wind, Water and SteamHugh Howes£10 £14.99
The World of the Small FarmerPatricia Croot£12 £18.99